In Memoriam Lawrence Oates

Lawrence Patrick Oates passed on the 99th day of Mangal in the Year 1. By his sacrifice he gave life to others. He did not believe in God, but we trust that God believes in him.

with all our love,
Yasmina Sanghera, Kimiko Järvinen & Beauregard Robinson
and on behalf of their children

Message From Location
Lawrence Oates was a hero. He was my shipmate and teacher, inspiration and friend. I miss him every day. May the Lord be with himBROatesville, Mars
Lol was fair, generous and kind. He listened to people. He looked inside to see their troubles and helped them to be betterKimiko JOatesville
I took a chance on him. He took a chance on me. I wish it had worked as well for him as it did for me. An inspirational man, and a brilliant leader where no leader was supposed to beICOrlando FL
I hate Lol for leaving us after such a short time. And I love him because he has done it to save our lives. He was kind and clever and gentle. If I had met a man like him on Earth perhaps I would still be there. I miss him every secondYasmina Sanghera & Mangal CanaryOatesville
mr Lawrence was a real Gennlman he always stop to chew the fat with the liddl people like meFerdyTitusville fl
I already knew I'd never see him again so this is not a real parting, but it still hurts like hell. I never stopped loving himMOLondon
Lol was a legend, and so kind and thoughtful to us. We wish more rich people had his concern for making the world(s) a better place. He was a class act. Saoirse & RosieLondon
He handed me his fiddle when he went away and I think of him every time I plays it. A grand fellaÓ DomhnaillÁrd a’ Bhothair
I was captivated by his fierce sense of purpose. To explore is to dare. To dare is to risk. To risk is to live. He lived wellWendy BaxterDoubloon Cay
I am very sad that he is deadSafrazLahore
You were always the quiet one who stepped up when there was a crisis. Love you, DadFOLondon
Im so proud of you granda
Still stunned. I don't know what to say. He was a gentleman and a gentle man. My thoughts are with the many, many people who must be missing him every minute. I know I amMaryMSM
Well, Daddy, you just had to be the hero! xxxJH
I was supposed to be training him, but he taught me a lot too. He was a good manToddMSM
May the Lord bless you for taking care of our sonMom & Pop RobinsonSeattle
We rember when our daddies brought him to our house and his nice message when he found our paintings he was very kind
I got his picture on my cell all the time. It making me smileConsuelaMSM
I’m a professional, right? But I’ve been crying like a baby every day for this brave man. May angels guard his soulAlexisMSM
Bealtaine a anam teacht ar na síochána
I met these brave astronauts when they came to my restaurant. They were kind and so unassuming. I feel for their loss.JaniceCedar Key FL
彼は私の娘にとても親切でしたÄiti KimikoUusikaupunki Suomi
he wouldnt know me from adam but i followed msm1 all the way. these guys are amazing. lol was a bit of a heartthrob and I'm so sad hes gone .... but such a hero!!! <3EveBrizzy Oz
I have been scheduled to attend Selection for upcoming missions 2 & 3 (hence I can't give my name) but I wanted to say that without M99 I could not have considered applying. Whatever happens with my application I will always be grateful to Mr Oates for the opportunity. God bless his soul.
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13 Rest in peace Lawrence. You're a true hero.FIBirmingham, UK
Probably Lol seemed quiet and forbidding if you didn't know him well, but I was lucky enough to experience his enourmous warmth and wonderfull dry humor. Miss you, buddyDieterMSM
I never knew the man. I followed the mission but not religiously. Still this brave man has touched and haunted me since I read his diary.
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