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There are technical, scientific and other howlers in One way – there are bound to be, despite my best efforts. So why not get it off your chest by giving your feedback here?

In fact all feedback is welcome … if I can’t learn from my readers then from whom?

I don’t undertake to reply individually, but will read all comments carefully and gratefully.

And please leave a review where you bought the book if you can.

Thank you,
Mark Iliff

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Mark Iliff, 31 May 2016

one of the tweets lol gets refers to king *george*. who is this? the only geroge in succession is the grandson of the prince of wales and it hought the story was set in the near future

Maybe it *is* Prince George as a result of some surprising events outside the story. Or maybe the PoW decides to become George VII instead of Charles III: Geo VI grew up as Bertie so it's not so fanciful. I trust readers to decide!
—Mark Iliff

roy, 11 Mar 2016

I loved it. Looking forward to general release so I can see what other people think as well!

Not long now! Thanks for all your help
—Mark Iliff

FI, Birmingham, UK, 29 Feb 2016

Why all the grammatical errors in the messages and social media posts? Different editor?

I intended uncharacteristic errors to suggest something about a character’s state of mind. So that went well… ! Social media posts are a different story: I aimed to reflect real life, which often involved taking a hammer to my beautifully varnished surface. I hope you feel my pain.
—Mark Iliff

JH, Reading, 29 Feb 2016