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last updated 22 December 2016


One way has been well received by my small but discerning band of readers. Here is a selection of comments (biased towards the favourable ones, obviously).


OK, only one publication so far: H&E magazine August 2016. Bear in mind their particular slant on the world when you read it:

Review – H&E 
			magazine August 2016

Good reads

4·75s from 4 reviews [see all]


I … felt that the writing allowed me to understand what drives a person to leave their lives behind and take a step into the unknown. The way the characters’ relationships develop manages to be surprising at times without ever tipping over in to the unbelievable”

The characters have stayed with me”

Amazon UK

5·0s from 8 reviews [see all]


I was hooked from the beginning and was gripped by the storyline”

An altogether believable tale of four people’s search for a new way of life. A book of two halves which deals with the ordinary preparations for an extraordinary journey and the sexual pressure cooker of starting a life with no taboos. The conclusion brings both shock and sadness”

This is a gloriously engaging and human book about extraordinary lives”

The writing is laugh out loud funny as well as deeply and richly colourful and evocative”

Well written, strong characters … and a nice turn of phrase that I enjoyed. And what an ending!”

Moves at pace and is believable and emotionally engaging”

Gripping, emotional, sexy and fun”

Amazon US

4·0s from 1 review [see review]

Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a review. It makes a big difference. Thanks too to anyone who bought the book and hated it, but is too kind to put it in writing – µ